Greek parliament to decide on inquiry into Novartis case on Wednesday

Parliament will decide on Wednesday whether to conduct a preliminary inquiry into whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute two former prime ministers and eight former ministers in the ongoing Novartis case on alleged bribery and money laundering charges.

The Conference of Presidents ruled that ten ballot boxes will be set up on Wednesday –one for each name included in the case file sent to parliament. This could change if, for example, the five active ministers mentioned in the file, declare voluntarily that they intend to abstain from the vote on the other politicians.

The committee will have one month to submit its report. If additional material is submitted to the file, the committee may ask for an extension of the procedure. According to parliamentary rules, the inquiry committee will be made up of 21 lawmakers: 10 from SYRIZA, 5 from New Democracy and one from each of the other parties. Independent MPs cannot participate.