Parliament to vote the extension of out-of-court settlement by the end of the year,

Parliament will vote for an amendment extending and expanding the area of application of the out-of-court settlement system by the end of the year, government Vice president and Economy and Development Minister Yiannis Dragasakis said on Monday.

Dragasakis said that the regulation, which will clarify the protection framework for primary residences, will be extended to the first professional residence, will soon be submitted to parliament. The government’s goal is to ensure that the protection of residence is permanent and accompanied by a wider housing policy for those who have no residence.

“Private debt, which is one of the most painful aspects of the crisis, is a priority of the next period. We have tabled an amendment, which will be voted by the end of the year, to extend out-of-court settlement, which will be accompanied by further simplification and broadening of its scope. Soon, the framework for the protection of the first home will be clarified, and will be submitted to parliament,” he noted.

“We are creating the new social state and we want to safeguard it in a constitutional way,” Dragasakis said, adding: “It is a central task after the memoranda to plan the future. We need a system of democratic planning for the country and development.”