Parliament votes to prosecute former minister Pappas over TV licenses

The Greek Parliament plenary voted for the prosecution of former minister Nikos Pappas on Wednesday on charges of “repeated and continuous breach of duty” over the issue of private television channel licenses in 2016, following the recommendation of the preliminary investigation committee.

In all, 178 MPs voted in favor of the prosecution, out of a total of 277 MPs present. Another 86 MPs voted against it, 12 Communist Party MPs voted “present”, while one vote was invalidated.

The 10 MPs of Greek Solution and the 9 of MeRA 25 walked out, while Nikos Pappas was not allowed to vote, according to Parliament rules. In addition, three Communist Party MPs were absent.

Following the vote, Parliament will draw the regular and alternate members of the Special Court that will try Pappas, as well as the members of the Judicial Council and the prosecutorial authority, according to article 86 of the Greek Constitution and the law on ministerial responsibility.

Commenting on the result, Pappas said, “The majority collided with the truth and was left with the remains of its party agenda.”