Parliamentary committee approves unanimously report suggesting changes to penal system

A report on reforming the Greek penal system was approved unanimously on Thursday by the Greek parliament’s special standing committee on the penal system.

The report will be presented to the ministry of justice.

According to the committee’s president, Panagiota Kozomboli, the unanimous approval of the report by all parties is an encouraging step to committee members to continue pressing for resolution of jail issues. The report includes specific changes for the penal code.

“We must collaborate and press until a realistic plan of action is brought (to the plenary) for voting,” Kozomboli said.

A delegation of the parliamentary commitee will attend the inauguration of the new women’s jail in Eleonas near Thebes on October 18.

Committee members also made special note of supporting and promoting prisoners’ arts and crafts, which includes agricultural products they cultivate in one of the four farming jails in Greece.