Parliamentary finance committee approves government’s fast-track taxation bill

The parliamentary finance committee approved the government’s tax bill on Monday evening, and will be now be rushed to the plenary for voting on Tuesday.

Voting in principium, New Democracy, main opposition party SYRIZA and KINAL voted in favor of the bill, Greek Communist Party (KKE) voted present, Greek Solution party reserves voting for the plenary, and MeRA25 voted against but favored the clause concerning the 120-instalments plan.

The fast-track bill includes a reduction in real estate tax (ENFIA) and an installment plan for outstanding tax debts by individuals and business owners.

At earlier statements, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said its processing was urgent because its ENFIA and tax repayment provisions relate to the current fiscal year. He had also noted that main opposition SYRIZA and other opposition parties like KINAL and Greek Solution supported its fast-track processing, while the Communist Party and MeRA25 maintained that there is enough time to discuss it under the normal procedures.

The parliamentary debate continues midday Tuesday, and plenary voting takes place on Tuesday evening.