Parliamentary inquiry into party & media loans wraps up witness testimony, with SYRIZA votes

The Parliamentary committee conducting an inquiry into the legality of loans extended to political parties and media companies on Thursday voted to wrap up the hearings of witnesses and proceed to consider the Kaloudis report, despite objections from the opposition parties and ruling coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL). The vote was carried with the support of 11 MPs of the ruling coalition leader SYRIZA and 10 votes against.

Based on the vote, new witnesses will only be called up if there is sensational new evidence in the case.
SYRIZA MPs supported the motion, on the grounds that the examining committee had very tight deadlines and must deliver its report by Christmas, while the hundreds of thousands of pages of witness testimony already provided sufficient evidence to “easily draw conclusions”.

The opposition parties and ANEL MP Dimitris Kammenos were against the decision and insisted that at least two more witnesses should be examined, in order for the committee to have a full picture of the issues that exist.

Kammenos noted that the need to call new witnesses will inevitably arise from the examination of the Kaloudis report alone, while there was evidence implicated five people of serious offences in relation to PASOK’s finances.
Opposition parties had asked for the examination of a former “Eleftherotypia” publisher and his claims that banks had starved him of credit and forced him to shut down the newspaper and of journalist Aris Davakis, who claimed to have received funds from the minister of state to support SYRIZA in his website.

The ruling majority, which Kammenos agreed with, said that there would be an examination of the evidence that they would be asked to send to the committee in writing and, if it was judged necessary, they would be summoned to testify in person.