Parliament’s committee on Novartis case “leaning towards” recusing itself, according to chairman

The special preliminary investigating committee on the alleged Novartis bribery and money laundering case said on Thursday it will announce on April 17 whether Parliament has the right to try the politicians named in the case or turn the whole file over to the regular courts.

Parliament has named eight former ministers and two former prime ministers named in the case, most of whom refused a summons to testify. Their decision to walk out came after a decision to ask the testifying politicians to also express an opinion as to whether the committee has the actual authority to investigate the case.

Thursday’s session included only members of the ruling coalition, SYRIZA and ANEL. According to a statement by committee chairman and SYRIZA Deputy Thodoris Dritsas, the committee members “lean towards” the decision that the Parliament is not the right body to investigate bribery and money laundering charges.

Following the committee’s decision on April 17, it will present its report to the plenary by April 28.