PASOK leader Gennimata’s and KKE sec general Koutsoumba’s messages for the New Year

PASOK leader Fofi Gennimata on Saturday sent a message for the New Year:

“In spite of the difficulties, we can be more optimistic in our daily lives. Together we can overcome the problems and leave the crisis behind us,” Gennimata said and added:

“No more saviors and illusions. With national concord and new confidence we should move forward to a better present, and hope for the future. Priority must be given to our children. Because they deserve it. Happy new year to everyone.”

Communist KKE party secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas on Saturday sent a message for the New Year.

“2017 must be a key year for the restoration of the labour movement and the reconstruction of the social alliance through a more powerful communist KKE party so that the country gets back on growth track to the benefit of the people and far from the exploitation. We wish a happy new year to everyone.”