PASOK spokesman P. Christidis stresses need light to be shed on Novartis case

“What is important for us is to shed light (on the Novartis case),” PASOK spokesman Pavlos Christidis said on Friday in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

“When you constantly refuse to do so with the appropriate procedures provided by the Constitution and the law, this is something that instead of giving solutions and answers to the world, it usually obscures the case,” Christidis stated.

“We can’t see,” he added, “any initiative on the part of the government to solve the issue of pharmaceutical spending and possibly other related issues soon.”

Regarding the issue of the two Greek soldiers detained in Turkey, he stressed that “the Greek people and the Greek political parties must show unanimity and Turkey must quickly send back the two soldiers, as it was the case in similar cases in the previous years.”