PASOK will not vote for the omnibus bill, says PASOK spokesman Christidis

“[PASOK] will not vote for what the government is bringing [the draft omnibus bill] because it does not help the country exit the crisis,” stated PASOK spokesman Pavlos Christidis – a member of the Democratic Coalition parliamentary group – while speaking to the Athens -Macedonian News Agency (ANA) radio “Praktoreio 104.9 FM” on Monday.

“It is the result of a very bad negotiation that has hogtied the Greeks and creates problems,” noted Christidis, adding that the measures in the draft omnibus bill for auctions to recover debts and in other sectors of the economy “raise huge problems”.

Referring to the home auctions, Christidis said the governmnent “chose to rescue the banks at the expense of the homes of people in need”.

On the FYROM name issue, the PASOK spokesman said that “we should have taken another way rather than the discussion that has been progress in the last two months because the doublespeak between SYRIZA and Independent Greeks is sabotaging all possibility for a solution in advance.”