Passenger traffic in Athens Internationall Airport up 7.8 pct in September

Passenger traffic in the Athens International Airport grew 7.8 pct in September to 2.9 million, compared with the same month last year, reflecting a 4.0 pct increase in domestic passenger traffic and a 9.8 pct rise in international traffic. Greek passengers totaled 754,800 and international passengers totaled 1.5 million.

In the nine-month period from January to September, passenger traffic totaled 16.8 million, up 8.1 pct from the same period in 2016, with international traffic totaling 11.1 million and domestic traffic totaling 5.62 million passengers, for increases of 11.5 pct and 1.9 pct, respectively.

The number of scheduled flights in the airport totaled 152,573 in the nine-month period, up 2.5 pct from 2016, with domestic flights up 1.7 pct and international flights up 3.1 pct.