Passenger traffic in Greek airports up 4.9 pct in Jan-Aug

Passenger traffic in Greek airports grew 4.9 pct in the January-August period compared with the same period in 2018, totaling 45,839,842 passengers, Civil Aviation Authority said in a report on Thursday.

The report said that the total number of flights in Greek airports was 377,720 (of which 147,621 domestic and 230,099 international), up 4.3 pct compared with the same period last year.

In August, passenger traffic in Greek airports totaled 10,313,725, up 5.5 pct from 2018, while the number of flights rose 2.7 pct to 78,537. International passenger arrivals totaled 3,987,722, up 6.4 pct from August 2018.

The airports of Athens, Heraclion, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Corfu recorded the biggest passenger traffic in August. In the eight-month period from January to August, the airport of Ioannina recorded the biggest percentage increase in passenger traffic (29.9 pct), followed by Naxos (21.3 pct) and Lemnos (19 pct).