Patients from Skaramangas clinic were transferred to better facilities, says labour ministry

The labour ministry dismissed press reports on Wednesday that patients with disabilities staying in a clinic in Skaramangas were thrown out to sell the building, saying that the 27 patients who had been hospitalized for years were transferred to better facilities.

“The guests were not thrown out of the Skaramangas clinic. The decision to transfer the guests from Skaramanga was based on reports of independent authorities but also on decisions of institutional bodies,” the labour ministry said, citing two reports from the Greek Ombudsman in 2014 and 2017 and a report from the labour ministry inspectors in 2017.

“Inside Skaramagas, living conditions were, at best, third world-like. The indescribable situation was also noted by the Ombudsman, who categorically requested in two reports the immediate transfer of the guests to appropriate accommodation,” it added and noted that the patients are now living in much better conditions and are being examined by doctors relevant to their medical condition.