Patmos and Athens among best cruises in the world

Patmos and Athens are included in the Daily Telegraph in the recent list of the best cruises in the world for 2022.

Among the top 20 global cruise trends this year, the British newspaper urges its millions of readers to visit Athens and Patmos to mix the authenticity of the Greek islands with the luxury of a cruise across the Aegean.

In addition, the extensive list includes the UK tour, time travel back to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, boat ride on the flowery Amsterdam, exploring Canada, cruising Dubai and Doha, cruising the Dalmatian coast, ancestors with genealogists on the Rhine, family cruise in the Norwegian fjords, a visit to the Danube, festive cruises in Munich and Oberammergau, yachting in the Red Sea and reviving their adventures.

“The municipality of Patmos contributes to the launch of new infrastructure projects that will help strengthen cruises such as the promotion of procedures for the construction of a cruise ship mooring pier in the port of Skala, Patmos. The aim is to upgrade the port facilities to serve more cruise ships in the near future. At the same time, through systematic actions, Patmos has gained the tributes and distinctions of international media and emerges as one of the promising names of the cruise in the Aegean for the future “says the mayor of Patmos, Lefteris Pentes.