“Patra – Pyrgos” highway brings new jobs and road safety

“The new “Patras – Pyrgos” highway is tangible proof that we provide solutions based on the interest of many.” This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Costas Ach. Karamanlis, at the beginning of the works on the construction site of Amaliada, by the Prime Minister K. Mitsotakis. “The new highway means road safety, new jobs, quality of life and a better daily life for the residents and visitors of the area,” he said. While announcing the upgrade of the road connection of Pyrgos with Ancient Olympia

The minister stressed that “we saved a project that we did not know not when it would be done, or even if it would be done”, referring to a “lost five years”, due to delays, of the project by the previous government, due to the division of the project in eight parts.

“Without the intervention of the Prime Minister, we would not be here to see the project begin,” said Mr. Karamanlis, making special reference to the interventions of K. Mitsotakis to the EU to unblock and accelerate the project.

In particular, he referred to the significant efforts made to the EU to expand funding beyond 2023, but also to the significant savings of public resources by the assignment of the project to Olympia Odos.

New and safer roads

As Mr. Karamanlis made known, the section Kato Achagia – Pyrgos is expected to be ready around 2024, while the rest will be delivered 6 months later.

“New roads mean safer roads,” Karamanlis said.

The culmination of a systematic effort of three years, characterized the project of the new highway “Patras – Pyrgos”, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure G. Karagiannis, through which, as he said, from Amaliada, we will soon have a safe and modern highway.

As he stressed, “today fully justifies the choice made by K. Mitsotakis and former PM K. Karamanlis to end the bogged down contracts. He referred to the 18-month negotiations with the European Commission as well as to the 3,000 new indirect and direct jobs that will be created and will significantly revitalize the local economy.

In addition, he pointed out the improvement of the road network to ancient Olympia, while he also made extensive reference to the safety conditions created through the new highway.

For his part, the governor Nektarios Farmakis spoke of a “life project”, which should have been carried out much earlier.

“Olympia Odos today enters a new era, with the construction of a road that will bring Athens closer to the Tower and one of the most important places in history, Ancient Olympia”, said the president of Olympia Odos Panagiotis Papanikolas.

As he said, “an old, dangerous road gives way to a comfortable and safe highway that will reduce the journey Patras – Pyrgos by about 40 minutes.

“On a road with 2 lanes and an emergency lane in each direction, with a central dividing island, 8 junctions, 64 ups and downs, 15 bridges, 2 Motorway Service Stations and 2 Customer Service Points”.

“The new highway will strengthen the local economy and agricultural production,” he stressed.