Patras-Pyrgos railway service to resume after seven years of interruption

The rail service that linked the port city of Patras with the city of Pyrgos will resume after seven years of interruption, as the conditions for the restart of the route’s operation have been created.

Western Greece regional governor Apostolos Katsifaras said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Saturday that “The resumption of the railway service Patra-Pyrgos is a political and development policy” while referring to the funding of the project he said that “the region will participate with 50 percent from NSRF because we want to have an urban railway from Patras to Pyrgos”.

Moreover, the regional governor said that “we want to upgrade most of the historic stations of the railway in order to give also a tourist prospect”.

Meanwhile, the urban railway from Patras to Kato Achaia is expected to be delivered in the first four months of 2019.