Pavlopoulos: Any distortion of historic truth has substantial impact ono the Greek-Albanian relations

President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Saturday sent a strict warning to Albania to “accept the fully documentated historic truth of the criminal nazi past of the Chams if it wants the Greek support in its European perspective” from the village of Paramythia where he attended the commemoration events for the 49 victims that were executed by the Nazis in cooperation with the Albanian Chams on September 29,1943.

Pavlopoulos said that our neighbour Albania, for which we have friendly feelings, should be aware that everything passes through the respect to the truth and to history. So, it should know that the so-called Cham issue, is an issue because the Chams cooperated with the nazis. If Albania wants our friendship and our support to its European prospect, it oughts to immediately accept the undeniable historic truth of the Cham’s criminal and nazi past and make no reference to it again in our bilateral relations. Every time it refers to it, it is a matter of honour for us. Never again. They should understand it, it is not a issue of revenge but of justice and is something we owe to all the victims”.

The Greek president also underlined that Greece’s demands for the occupation loan and the German reparations in genera, are moving in the same framework and it is not a matter of revenge but a matter of European justice and of Europe’s legal culture.

Concluding his speech, Pavlopoulos said that “the European Union must address with determination the rise of the extreme right and the neonazis which constitute a huge threat for the democracy and for the European building. We must stop their action right now. We must change the policies that create social injustice and undermine the social state” he said adding that when justice is served they will have no place in our world.

Pavlopoulos said in the opening of his speech that, very soon and for reasons of national memory, the region of Paramythia will be declared site of martyrdom.