Pavlopoulos: Attraction of tourists in not only a financial matter for the Greeks

The challenges and the role of the Greek tourism in the coming years are on the focus of the international forum entitled “Next is now, Greek tourism, a national issue” organised by the Tourism Ministry under the auspices of the President of Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos at a central Athens hotel on Saturday.

Opening the forum President Pavlopoulos underlined how important is for the Greeks the attractions of tourists and explained “For us Greeks the attraction of tourists is not only a financial issue, particularly in the current period, because we want to show that when someone gets acquainted with the country, when it ‘speaks’ with its soul and its people, it can transmit global messages which are extremely valuable in these hours”.

“We are a small country but with a great history, a major heritage and I know that we will correspond to the future we deserve according to our heritage. That’s what we want to do in these turbulent times and in this turbulent corner of the world with all these happening in the Middle East. So, we invite here in Greece and in Athens those who want to spend some of their holidays but also we invite them to think together in this part of the Mediterranean that was and should remain crossroads of cultures and civilisations what we must do for a common creation” he said.

In an intervention Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura referred to the results of its office noting that the record in tourist arrivals was not coincidental but the result of a specific strategy since 2015 and her appointment as Tourism Minister.

The secretary general of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Taleb Rifai underlined that the recovery of tourism in Turkey and Egypt will not gave a negative effect for Greece “It is good for a neighbour is also good for other”. He praise Kountoura’s work characterising it “spectacular” and referred to the challenges of the global tourism industry that focus, among others, on the establishment of tourism at the top of the governments’ agenda worldwide. “More important than a hotel for a tourist destination is the way to reach it” he said.