Pavlopoulos: Dialogue of Civilizations important to the peaceful and creative coexistence

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos stressed the importance and the value of the Dialogue of Civilizations to the peaceful and creative coexistence of the peoples during his speech in the conference on the Dialogue of Asian Cultures held within the framework of his official visit to China.

Pavlopoulos praised the initiative of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, to organize this conference, noting that it is a real contribution to the consolidation of world peace, and stressed that respect for diversity means respect for democracy, the rule of law and culture.

“Every real civilization focuses on the human being. Therefore, the starting point is, in particular, respect for human diversity, without discounts and compromises. This is because, as the highest example of humanism, respect for diversity means respect for democracy and culture. On this basis, respect for human diversity becomes a fundamental goal of democracy and civilization,” the President underlined.

“In our the troubled times, there is no conflict of civilizations, since no real civilization can, by its very nature, clash with other real cultures. The truth is unfortunately that nowadays there is a lack of communication and mutual understanding between cultures, which makes the peaceful coexistence of peoples dangerously difficult. Amid this lack of communication and mutual understanding, our countries and our peoples are resisting, bravely and decisively, based on the sincere and meaningful dialogue of our cultures,” he added.