Pavlopoulos: Donation of SNFCC continues tradition of Greece’s great benefactors

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation, through its donation of the SNF Cultural Centre, is continuing the tradition of the nation’s great benefactors, President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Thursday at a ceremony handing over management of the SNFCC to the Greek State.

Pavlopoulos noted that it was a donation of inestimable value, both material and cultural, which allowed Greece to highlight a fundamental reality at an exceptionally difficult time.

“Greece is and will be, above all, intellect and culture. And this makes it the cradle and birthplace of western civilisation. Without the inspiration and symbolisms of Greece, this civilisation will be changed with all the consequent and literally irreparable repercussions for humanity,” he said.

This great legacy also determined the extent of the Greek state’s obligation to properly manage the SNFCC in the days to come, Pavlopoulos added.

“This obligation means that the Greek State, precisely because of the great cultural radiance of this centre, must prove itself worthy and reliable in terms of making full use of the SNF’s donation as it was intended. Every omission to fulfill the above debt will be defaulting on a debt not only to the donors but against culture in general,” the president said.