Pavlopoulos: Greece a power of safety and peace in the Balkans and the wider region

President Prokopios Pavlopoulos asked from Turkey ‘Total, sincere and in practice proof of the respect to the international and the European law’ at an event held in the town of Sitia, Crete where he was declared honourary citizen on Saturday.

Pavlopoulos said that “we want a democratic and prosperous Turkey that will have a European prospect. But for this it demands from the Turkish side, the total, sincere and in practice respect to the international and the European law. If there isn’t respect to the international law and to the international treaties, primarily to the Treaty of Lausanne and the Law of the Sea according to Montego Bay treaty in 1982, then a real friendship can’t be built.

Pavlopoulos also said that “Greece, under its capacity as total member of the European Union, constitutes a power of peace and safety in the Balkans and for the wider region but it is always ready to safeguard and protect its territory and its sovereignty that are also territory and borders of the European Union.