Pavlopoulos: Greeks are oriented ‘with consistency and selflessness’ towards the European project

Greece and Greeks have always been oriented “with consistency and selflessness” towards the European project, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Thursday, following a service to celebrate 196 years since the liberation of the city of Kalamata from the Turks.

“On the occasion of today’s anniversary and the Rome Summit on the 60 years of the European Union on March 25, I would like to emphasize this: we must remember today that the revolted Greeks of the ‘Messinian Senate’, made their first appeal for the enslaved race and Greeks’ freedom to the peoples of Europe. Since then, it was apparent that Greece was committed consistently and selflessly in the European project,” Pavlopoulos said.

“This consistency and commitment to Europe and the European project gives us today, in these critical times for our European family, the right to proclaim this – ‘urbi et orbi’: We Greeks have decided permanently and irrevocably that our path is within the European Union and its core, the Eurozone. And not only will we move forward in this path, but we will play a leading role in the European Union in these critical hours, so that together with our other partners we may help Europe return to its roots, to find its way and thus be able to meet its global destiny,” he added.