Pavlopoulos, Stournaras briefed on TEE’s ‘ONEclickLIS’ online platform for investors

The head of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) Giorgos Stasinos on Wednesday had private meetings with President of the Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos and Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras, in order to brief them on TEE’s proposed online platform to aid investors, ONEclickLIS (standing for One Click Land Information Systems).

The proposed platform would create a comprehensive digital chart summarising legal provisions relating to spatial planning that an investor can access with a click of a button from his or her home or office. According to Stasinos, it was a reform that could have “national ownership” and allow those planning an investment to get reliable, complete and institutionally secure information on what is allowed, what is forbidden, and the terms and conditions that apply in order to carry out their plans.

“Today I briefed the president of the Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos – a distinguished legal and constitutional expert – on an innovative proposal to finally create in the country a single, unified digital tool containing every type of legal protective provision and regulation regarding spatial planning, so that we can efficiently promote every type and size of investment and protect the environment, while also fighting corruption and bureaucracy,” Stasinos said afterward.

He said the aim was for the initiative to “mature” politically in the next few months so that it can proceed with the broadest possible cross-party consensus.

The digital platform will include all the necessary land and spatial planning data required for licencing any type of investment, using the land cadastre as its basis, as well as town plan outlines and borders of forests, protected areas, archaeological sites, beaches and other areas for which restrictions apply. It will also include construction guidelines and land use terms. The key point is that the files generated by the information system will also serve as an official document.
Stasinos noted that the information was all in the public domain and should be accessible to all citizens.

Earlier, TEE’s president also presented the proposal to Stournaras, noting that it would help curb the cancellation of planned investments in Greece. Once OneclickLIS was up and running, he added, investors would be able to use the system to issue planning permission for construction via an electronic licencing system developed by TEE two years earlier and is awaiting government activation.