Pavlopoulos stresses need of supporting social state of justice

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Sunday stressed the dangers for Europe and the world from the reemergence of populist groups that once again touch the limits of Nazism and the need for their decisive and effective abolition.

Pavlopoulos made the statement during the celebrations for the 74th anniversary of the Chortiatis massacre.

“We have to see the consequences of ideologies that lead to inhumanity are really a preach of hatred against man,” said Pavlopoulos. He added that “ideologies” like Nazism are inconceivable and referred to the task of the Democratic Europe.

“Together we have to deal with the forms of populism, which once again touch the limits of Nazism, before they degrade the European structure. And fight for the unity of Europe to deepen the European construction and its foundations.”

Pavlopoulos stressed the need of supporting the social state of justice within the framework of the European Union.