Pavlopoulos to IOM’s Thompson: Greece is fulfilling its obligations towards refugees

Greece is fulfilling its debt towards refugees despite the economic crisis, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Thursday, during a meeting in Athens with the Deputy Director General of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Ambassador Laura Thompson.

Pavlopoulos asked for IOM and UNHCR’s support in supporting the refugees currently living in Greece.
“We asked for the support – which is anyway due – from some of our partners in the European Union who have not understood that they are Europeans. And being European is a great honour; but it also but entails significant obligations. And one of these is solidarity in these large humanitarian issues,” the President said.

On her side, Thompson said Greece has made a lot of progress on all issues and conditions are better, which will allow the country to manage the issues and the refugee population which is living here.

“We are making a great effort in the European Union, not just with the EU authorities, but also with member-states, to recognize this effort and gain everyone’s support,” she said, adding that she will discuss with Greek ministers how the situation has developed, what progress is being made and how IOM can help further.

“It’s a great honour and you can certainly count on our support in the coming years,” Thompson said.