Pavlopoulos: We seek a just and viable solution for Cyprus, as soon as possible

Greece seeks a just and viable solution for Cyprus as soon as possible, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Friday, during his address at an official dinner held in honour of visiting Bulgarian counterpart Rumen Radev, at the Presidential Mansion.

“The Republic of Cyprus, as a full member of the European Union and its hard core, the Eurozone, is not conceivable with limited sovereignty, which would be caused by [the presence of] occupying troops and anachronistic third-party guarantees. This is contrary to any concept of international and European law. Moreover, it would create a dangerous or even catastrophic precedent as to the meaning and content of the sovereignty of any member-state,” he added.

Concerning the country’s relations with Bulgaria, he said Greece was always a strong supporter of its neighbour’s accession to NATO and the European Union. “We, Greeks, are very happy that you are now our partners and allies, both within the great European family and in NATO, which today redefines its ever-important international role in peace and security, adapting it to the conditions and needs of the new era. Furthermore, we express our full support for Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area,” he said.