Pavlopoulos: World Day against Racism a ‘starting point for reflection and self-awareness’

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos in a message on Tuesday stressed the need for this year’s anniversary of the World Day against Racism to be a starting point for reflection and self-awareness for all the peoples of the world, primarily for the peoples of the European Union.

Pavlopoulos noted: “The fundamental principles of humanity, solidarity, democracy and justice are a basic pillar of European democracy and European culture. Moreover, we Greeks know that the above principles have through the ages formrf an integral part of the hard core of Greek culture, which, in particular through these principles, has made a decisive contribution to the birth and shaping of European culture.”

He added that “in light of these facts, all peoples of the European Union that respect the very honorable title of European partner have a duty to remain firmly committed to defending humanity and fundamental human rights. And the refugee issue is, as a matter of priority, today the field in which every nation of European democracy and European culture is judged – it is, as a matter of priority, nowadays the field in which every people of the European Union and therefore every European citizen is judged to have fulfilled his essential European tasks.”