Payment of state arrears to private sector totaled 894.2 mln euros in Jan-Aug

The Greek state has paid 894.2 million euros in the period from January to the end of August to repay state arrears to the private sector and to settle pending retirement applications.

The State Treasury, in an announcement released on Wednesday, said that the state approved funds worth 424.7 million euros to repay arrears to the private sector by August, while repayments totaled 513 million euros. In August, credit approved totaled 32.2 million euros and repayments totaled 94.5 million euros. Credits approved for pending tax returns totaled 145 million euros in the eight-month period, while final payments totaled 108.3 million. Tax returns totaled 3.3 million euros in August.

Credit to settle pending retirement applications totaled 300 million euros in the January-August period, while final payments totaled 272.9 million euros. Repayment of state arrears to the private sector accelerated in September as part of government efforts to achieve goals set as a prior action for the disbursement of an 800-million-euro sub-tranche envisaged in the economic policy program. Tax returns totaled 1.6 billion euros in September.