Peloni: The government continuing to reinforce the national health system

“The epidemiological situation in our country is still aggravated, the pressure on the national health system is intensifying and everyone’s fatigue is increasing,” government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said on Monday during a press briefing.

“The government is responding to these facts by continuing to reinforce the national health system and demonstrating the necessary flexibility in terms of measures to stem the pandemic,” she said.

Peloni added: “In this context, following the recommendation of the committee of experts, targeted adjustments to the measures were decided and implemented that take into account the psychological fatigue in society and the fact that the day is becoming longer and the weather improving. They primarily concern an extension of the hours for circulating abroad, in order to avoid gatherings in houses and indoors.”

She clarified that the aim was to achieve better compliance with the measures, a reduction of the epidemiological burden, decongestion of the public health system and a gradual restart of economic and social activities.

Peloni also said that Greece is consistently among the six-seven European countries that have the highest vaccination rates and that accelerates according to the vaccine doses that arrive. “More than 1,430,000 vaccinations have already been done and an additional 1.5 million will be given in April,” she said.

Peloni stated that “vaccinations are starting for our fellow citizens with very high-risk diseases.”

The government spokesperson then referred to the “digital revolution” that is taking place, noting that “during the crisis, the government proceeded to a rapid digitisation of the state. In one year, the digital services provided by the state to the citizens from more than doubled and reached 1,130.