Peloni: The self test a very important tool to intercept the spread of the virus

Government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni on Tuesday said that over 420,000 free self-tests for Covid-19 were distributed on the first day of in-person classes at the country’s lyceums (last three grades of highschool). This indicated a huge response from the education community and was satisfactory, Peloni said.

“The asymptomatic pupils and teachers could have transmitted the virus to the school community and to their families, so this shows that this is a measure that helps to better track down the asymptomatic vectors, something that will reduce the spread of the virus,” she said.

Peloni added that the vaccination appointment platform for teachers and citizens aged between 55 and 59 will open on Wednesday, April 21, will that for those aged 50-54 opens on Saturday, April 24.

“The total population in the above categories is 2.2 million people and with those the first big immunity wall will be built. Currently we have a vaccination rate of 55,000 every day and, depending on vaccine flow, this may increase,” Peloni explained.

“I estimate that the platform for the vaccination of citizen aged 40-plus will open in June,” she added.