Peloni: Things are better, but we must not be complacent

“Things are going better. There is a stabilisation in the epidemiological picture. But this balance is always fragile, so we must not become complacent but be very careful,” government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said on Thursday in an interview with “Parapolitika 90.1 FM”.

“Now, of course, we have the ultimate tool in our hands. The vaccine is a gift, it is a shield, a shield against the virus,” she stressed. She also referred to the acceleration of the vaccination programme and the fact that a record 100,000 vaccinations were carried out on Wednesday, with numbers of vaccinations expected to remain very high for the whole of May.
“We understand the anxiety and fatigue. We are proceeding with cautious openings. Things are better, there is optimism, but we must not be complacent. The sms reminds us that we must observe the measures and be careful,” Peloni said.