PepsiCo-IVI announce the termination of operations of its production unit in Inofyta

PepsiCo-IVI on Monday announced the termination of operations of its production unit in Inofyta, effective immediately, as part of a strategic plan to change its supply chain, to safeguard its competitiveness and to be able to implement its plans for long-term growth on a local level.

In an announcement, Christophe Guille, managing director of PepsiCo for Central Europe and the Balkans, said “it is a difficult, but necessary decision for the company, in order to meet demanding challenges of the market. We would like to reassure our customers and consumers that we will continue with dedication to offer high-quality beverages throughout Greece,” adding: “We acknowledged that this news will cause concern among our workers. We appreciate the work of our people in Inofyta and with the highest level of responsibility we pledge to support them in the smooth transition towards their next professional steps. It is important that we have located job positions for the majority of our workforce, either in partnership companies or inside PepsiCo. At the same time, we offer significant financial support through an attractive voluntary exit program.” PepsiCo said no other job position in Greece was affected by the current changes in the beverage business.

PepsiCo workers will hold a general assembly on Tuesday to discuss the latest developments. PepsiCo has a workforce of 65-70 people in Inofyta.