Petsas announces additional funds for heating allowance

Government spokesperson Stelios Petsas on Tuesday said that, in consultation with the finance ministry, additional funds will be channelled into the heating allowance benefit in order to cover all applications by eligible households, which are expected to reach 600,000 this year. The spokesperson explained that the additional funds will redirected from unspent amounts for a programme to support the print media.

He also announced legislative measures that will guarantee the unobstructed transportation of the public in the case of a public transport strike, such as Tuesday’s work stoppage on the Athens metro.

On the occasion of the 2020 budget debate, Petsas said that this was the government’s first state budget and marks Greece’s “return to the future.”

As he said, “it reflects the growth direction of economic policy, the change in the fiscal mix, with tax cuts and spending cuts and efficiency of government in practice. Far from imposing additional austerity measures, this budget actually decreases the burdens on households and businesses. As a result, Greeks will see a significant increase in their disposable income.”

Reviewing the government’s work in the six months since taking over power, the spokesperson noted the progress in public administration and transparency, stressing that municipalities and regions were once again well-governed and 180 million euros have been approved for flood-protection projects throughout the country.