Petsas: ‘Government, citizens want ‘open’ minds, ‘open’ universities’

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas on Monday evening commented on the clashes between riot police and some 100 individuals at the forecourt of the Economic University of Athens on Monday afternoon.

“The government and the citizens want ‘open’ universities and open minds. The only ones who want ‘closed’ universities and ‘rusty’ minds are the well-known delinquents who turned them into asylums of lawlessness,” said Petsas in his statement.

He continued to say that “the police paid attention to the anguish of students and professors, who saw their university become a center of lawlessness, and merely proceeded with dismantling a basement area at the Economic University of Athens.”

Criticizing what he called the main opposition SYRIZA party’s silent response to the matter, he said that “the previous government tolerated such behaviors for 4,5 years (…) while the party’s stance angered Greek society and the vast majority of students.”

“University students will once again feel safe and free from the fascist imposition of ideologies of slim minorities,” Petsas concluded.