Petsas: Gov’t assessing measures’ effectiveness daily

“The government is daily assessing the state of the economy, the spread of the pandemic and the effectiveness of the measures imposed,” stated government spokesperson Stelios Petsas at a press briefing on Monday.

On fiscal issues, he said it was clear that the 3.5 pct primary surplus target no longer exists, while there are no restrictions on measures against the coronavirus. He noted that the available cash reserves currently stood at 36.6 billion euros, of which 17.5 billion were the so-called “cash buffer”.
Petsas revealed that the number of ICU beds was now at 870 and will be increased. On the spread of the pandemic, he said that Greece was doing better than most other countries and its progress was better than the projections in the initial scenario. “This is happening because we took measures fast and they are now bearing fruit,” he added.

Petsas said that Greeks will celebrate Easter at home in 2020 and clarified that the government is not examining the possibility of additional restrictions.