Petsas: Greece can be the ‘pleasant growth surprise’

The prime minister’s message at the Thessaloniki International Fair is that Greece can be the “pleasant surprise of the next years,” in terms of growth, government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said in an interview with the Sunday edition of “Ethnos”.

He noted that Europe’s biggest problem was the possibility of falling into a “growth trap” and this was creating a “common conviction on the need to promote growth policies.”

“In this context, and guided by our dedication to reforms and privatisations, we are gaining credibility in order to bring closer a reduction in primary surplus [targets] to more realistic levels,” he added.

Petsas noted that an “ally” in the country’s efforts was to restore the confidence of the markets in Greece’s growth prospects, as indicated by the recent low interest rates offered for Greek bonds.

Regarding the changes to electoral law being planned, he said the government was “open to dialogue and the broadest possible consensus,” on maximising proportional representation of the political forces, provided that this led to a system that guaranteed governability.

On votes for Greeks abroad, he said the prime minister had opted to table the specific section of the draft bill separately in order to given an opportunity for a broad consensus of all the parties.