Petsas: Plan for easing of lockdown restrictions to be announced this coming week

The government will present its plan for the gradual removal of restrictions for the pandemic this coming week, government spokesman Stelios Petsas told Skai TV station on Wednesday.

A second lockdown after that in spring was introduced nationally on November 7 to Nov. 30, and Petsas said that the plan will outline which economic and social activities will reopen and when. “Schools will be included in the first wave of reopenings, as retail trade may also, since it has not shown a very strong link to a rise in hyper-transmission of the virus,” he added.

The results of restricted public mobility after primary and lower schools were shut down this week are expected to be reflected in a lower infection rate, he said. The extent of its effectiveness will be assessed after this weekend, he said, “when we expect a steep decline of the current infection rates.”

He also said that restaurants and cafes are also expected to open before Christmas, under strict regulations, but nightclubs are not expected to because of the crowding and mass dispersion that may occur there.