Petsas: We must be careful and abide by the rules

Government spokesperson Stelios Petsas, in an interview on Wednesday with ANT1 TV, referred to the bill on outdoor public gatherings, including protest rallies and demonstrations, stating that “it is positive that there are political forces, apart from the government, that support the bill, such as for example Movement for Change (KINAL).”

On the tension in Greek-Turkish relations, he underlined that “Turkish provocativeness in the Eastern Mediterranean has been in the red zone in the last months”. He said that Greece is responding on three levels. “We have our allies at our side, we are backed by international law and we have the power as a country to do everything that is needed to protect our sovereign rights…We hope to see an active de-escalation on the Turkish side, so that we can have the good neighbourly relations that we always strive for.”

On the coronavirus crisis, Petsas said we “must be careful and continue to abide by the rules”.
Concerning tourism and the imported Covid-19 cases, Petsas said that “we knew from the beginnng that when we gradually opened the country’s gates to the world, we would have imported incidents,” and he underlined that what really matters is to quickly locate and isolate the incidents in order to prevent the virus spreading to the community.