Pierrakakis – The Recovery Fund is a Marshall Plan for Greece

“Digital governance in Greece is four things: State, telecommunications, digital economy and digital skills. In the last two, there is a large field of communication with the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens, which is a catalyst for entrepreneurship “. This was stated by the Minister of State and Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, speaking yesterday afternoon at the meeting of the board of the Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Athens (EVEA).

According to an announcement by the Chamber, Mr. Pierrakakis also stressed the importance of the Recovery and Resilience Fund, noting that “the Recovery Fund is a Marshall Plan for Greece. It is a huge opportunity to leverage capital in a way that will change our productive model. When the whole plan is implemented, Greece will be in a different place from what we know now.”

During his speech, the president of EVEA, Giannis Bratakos, stressed the importance of adapting to the new digital age, but also the actions that the Chamber has already undertaken. “EVEA has been one of the guides in this effort. With the aim of facilitating and supporting the business, he pioneered the establishment of the GEMI One Stop Service. “Thus, it overthrew a regime of bureaucracy and time-consuming procedures and constructed a vital detour for the benefit of aspiring entrepreneurs”, pointed out, among others, Mr. Bratakos, while referring to the next steps of the digital transformation. “Their continuation towards the digital tomorrow is considered more important. And for EVEA, tomorrow requires the expansion of our services offered digitally. Upgrading our internal systems and functions. The development of new tools for our members. And actions of their support and training, reskilling & upskilling,” he underlined.