Piraeus Bank official: Greek real estate market to resume strong growth rates after pandemic

The Greek real estate market will record strong growth rates after the end of the pandemic, George Kormas, head of Real Estate Group of Piraeus Bank and CEO in Piraeus Real Estate said on Monday.

In comments made to an NPL Summit 2021 last week, Kormas said that the strong recovery rates recorded in 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020 in the domestic real estate market was not a periodic phenomenon but a general trend will be continue to exist after the end of the pandemic crisis. He underlined the resilience of the real estate market despite the fact that investors remained on sidelines because of the pandemic.

Referring to the relation between non-performing loans and the real estate market, Kormas said that real estate operates and will be continue to operate as collateral to creditors and noted that Piraeus Real Estate’s goal was to have the smallest possible inflow of real estate assets which are not easily exploitable by the company.