Pitsiorlas: Privatisations and use of state assets will proceed

Deputy Finance Minister Stergios Pitsiorlas on Tuesday underlined that the government’s steadfast goal is to capitalise on state assets and proceed with privatisations, at the same time as reforming the institutional framework.

Addressing the Congess for Real Estat “Prodexpo,” Pitsiorlas said that the conclusion of the programme in 2018 will give the government greater leeway to handle some matters, such as taxation.
“We are on a positive course,” he added, “and we can be cautiously optimistic.”

On the planned changes to the laws concerning real estate, the minister said that there will be changes in the golden visa status and a large number of changes to bureaucratic issues that are not easy to resolve, such as the lack of a complete land cadastre.

He noted that privatisations help activate new sectors in the economy, such as the privatisation of the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki.