Pittella to ANA: It is the creditors’ turn to close Greek review without additional measures

Greece has done its part and now its creditors must conclude the second program review without imposing additional measures, the president of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Thursday.

Pittella is heading to Athens on Friday where he will be declared honourary citizen and hold meetings with political leaders.

“We believe Greece has done a lot and now it is the creditors’ turn to take the step in order to close the [program] review without additional measures, while we consider necessary that any deal on collective labour agreements will meet the best European practices,” he told ANA.

Pittella reiterated his view that there can be no Europe without Greece, noting that his political group supported the country in its efforts to exit from the social and economic crisis.

Asked about the deterioration in the relations between the European Union and Turkey, he said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rhetoric is “unacceptable”.

“The Turkish President should understand that, as a candidate country, Turkey should behave in a European way and not incite tensions or use unacceptable words,” he said.

Commenting about his honourary citizenship, he said it is important to him, noting he accepted “with great joy and honour”.