Plaisio: Earnings jump by 171.4% – Double dividend

“Plaisio” announced significant increase in consolidated sales by 23.2%, to 436.9 million euros from 354.6 million euros, for 2021, with the percentage of increase to 18.2% minus the impact of subsidized sales of digital logistics

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to 19.9 million euros from 13.3 million euros, recording an increase of 49.6%, earnings before taxes amounted to 11.1 million euros from 3.6 million. (+ 206%) and profit after taxes at 8.5 million euros from 3.1 million euros (+ 171.4%).

The company also recorded strong cash liquidity at € 62.1 million and net liquidity, excluding bank lending, at € 46.8 million, despite a return on equity of € 4 million.

The equity amounts to 101 million euros, which exceed the market value of the Company, with the return on equity (before taxes) amounting to double digits (11%).

The company proposes a double dividend of € 0.10 per share.


Commenting on the results, the President of Plaisio, Mr. Giorgos Gerardos, stated the following:

“The closure of 2021 leaves behind a two-year pandemic and during this period of health and economic storm, Plaisio managed in relation to 2019 a sales growth of 38%. This positive trend is due to two main reasons: First, the strategic provision that existed in the establishment of advanced infrastructure in logistics and ecommerce, many years before the Covid health crisis. But even more important was the collective effort of Plaisio’s team throughout the Covid crisis. Partners from every position were ready to work in any structure of Plaisio where there was a need and they were perfectly coordinated, in conditions where this was very difficult. So it was decided for 2021, as a reward for this exceptional effort, the payment of a bonus of € 1 million for our colleagues. Our successful course must have a positive impact on society. After the gold medal at the International Robotics Olympiad won by the Plaisiobots student team, we wanted to inspire other students to get involved in technology creation. So we created a Panhellenic robotics competition and through it, the three winning teams won the grand prize and we secured for them an educational trip to the leading American university MIT. “