Platform for second booster dose for citizens over 80 opens

The platform for vaccination with the fourth dose or the second booster dose against Covid-19, for citizens over 80 years of age, opens on April 7, after the recommendation of the National Vaccination Committee.

The opening of the platform will be gradual, by age groups per decade. So after the age of 80 will follow next week the opening of the platform for the age group 70-79 and then for the age group 60-69.

The beneficiaries of the second booster dose are about 1.3 million citizens over the age of 60.

The National Vaccination Committee recommends the administration of the second booster dose with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccine, at least 4 months after vaccination with the first booster dose (3rd dose).

A second booster dose is not recommended for people affected by Covid after the administration of the first booster dose.