PM Alexis Tsipras: We will lead Greece out of the crisis

“We will lead Greece out of the crisis,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday said in an interview with Documento newspaper.

“There is no other choice. Either this government will succeed or the aid programmes will totally fail,” he explained and added: “The compromise we have agreed on is fair in principle and socially viable.”

Tsipras underlined that “we will succeed even some creditors and vested interests wish for the opposite.”

The Prime Minister reassured that there are no additional measures, but a package of positive and negative measures with no fiscal impact and reiterated his commitment “not one euro more of austerity.”

Asked on the leader of the main opposition New Democracy, he said that Kyriakos Mitsotakis bet once again on the failure of the negotiation regardless of the fact that this woul entail the failure of the country.

Moreover, he underlined that the government is not only negotiating the conclusion of the second programme review but also a comprehensive agreement that will include the necessary measures for the reduction of debt that will render it sustainable and will pave the way for Greece’s participation in ECB’s quantitative easing programme. As he explained, an agreement that will mark Greece’s exit from the programmes.

“It is out job to do our best so as to have the second programme review concluded as soon as possible and in the best interest for the Greek economy and society,” he stressed and added that the main aim of this government is to reduce unemployment.