PM and UNSG Antonio Guterres discuss Cyprus issue on the phone

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Sunday had an in-depth discussion with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the telephone, ahead of the multilateral meeting on the Cyprus issue, discussing aspects of both the process and the issue itself.

According to an announcement from the prime minister’s press office, Tsipras repeated Greece’s standing positions during their conversation and also Greece’s steadfast commitment to the talks for a just and viable solution to the Cyprus issue, on the basis of UN decisions.

The discussion lasted 40 minutes, with a government source claiming Guterres was “very positive” about Greece’s positions and raised no objections to the possibility of EU participation in the meeting, which Athens greatly desires. Asked by the ANA whether the prime minister intends to travel to Geneva, the source said that Tsipras
“will go if there is a chance of achieving an agreement.”

In the case that Turkey does not allow a solution to be achieved, the source predicted that the international practice for salvaging the talks will follow, with a pause for talks to be held at a lower level followed by a resumption.