PM Mitsotakis appeals to older Greeks to get vaccinated

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis appealed to older Greek citizens to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, and rejected rumors he would lead the country to snap elections, on Wednesday.

In an interview to Star TV, the PM said, “I call on the aged, I plead with them: Get vaccinated the soonest possible, vaccines are a protection, there are vaccines and appointments available, it is a fundamental act of self-protection.”

At some point, from September on, the government will review the idea of making vaccination of medical staff obligatory, he revealed. “I do not want to create pockets of confrontation, we will see about it as of September,” he said.

The premier declined to name a date for the full reopening of food businesses (which may now only provide take-away or delivery services), and said his assessment this would happen after Greek Orthodox Easter (May 2) depends on the opinion of the Health Ministry’s committee of experts on the coronavirus.

Further commenting on disagreements about restriction measures among ministers and committee members, and how that is conveyed publicly, Mitsotakis said, “I would have preferred our message to be clearer the past two months. In terms of clashing opinions of government officials, that is my responsibility, but in terms of different views by scientists, that is not my job. Differing opinions create the sense of pluralism, but there is no absolute truth. I believe all scientists should defend the decisions of the committee, not express their personal opinions.”

As for snap elections in September, Mitsotakis firmly rejected the idea, saying that his government would complete its term. “At the end of our four-year term, I want citizens to judge for themselves whether they prefer the four years of Mitsotakis or the previous one, of (SYRIZA leader Alexis) Tsipras,” he said.