PM Mitsotakis: Greece is stronger than ever at all levels

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis closing on Sunday the 14th Congress of his ruling New Democracy (ND) said that “these three last days was an opportunity to meet again and this meeting was for me a great boost of joy and optimism. “We are a party in constant movement” he said.Mitsotakis said that “the developments want Greece to be an international hub and energy producer» adding that “the country will develop this important strategic geopolitical advantage”.

The premier underlined that “there is no united society without a country ready at any moment to defend its national independence” adding that Greece got stronger referring to international relations and cooperations.

“Indeed, Greece is stronger than ever at all levels. Greece’s views count in Europe, we are playing a key role in a series of important developments” he pointed out.Referring to the opposition parties and particularly to main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance he said that populism will play its last card in the coming period “it will be its most desperate attack, the worst and most filthy one. It will torpedo the country’s position in the midst of an unstable international environment” Mitsotakis said noting that “in the current conditions strong countries are the stable countries”.