Mitsotakis: Defence of our sovereign rights by any appropriate means

The visit to the United States last week “reaffirmed the fact that Greece is a stable and reliable partner of the US in an extremely volatile region,” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, addressing the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) at a formal dinner on Monday.

He rejected criticism that Greece is predictable in its contacts with the US and said that being predictable is a key ingredient of a strategic relationship, something that does not hold true for other countries of the East Mediterranean.

“I was explicit with US President Donald Trump about the Greek government’s red lines,” Mitsotakis said of how far Greece is willing to go in accepting conditionalities. “Greece will defend its sovereign rights by any appropriate means. We also explained we are not seeking tension in the East
Mediterranean, and we seek to resolve differences with Turkey in a peaceful way, that’s why we keep communication channels open, in an effort to deflate tension,” he added.

He said that the US position was clear and that the US Secretary of State confirmed that the US “supports and guarantees the security and prosperity of the country and support initiatives leading to the resolution of EastMed issues in a peaceful manner.”

Mitsotakis also noted that parties at both the US House of Representatives and the Senate understood Greece’s strategic role and enshrined this in the EastMed Act, which defines the East Mediterranean region as one of strategic US interests. It also confirms which countries are stable and reliable US partners, urging that they be supported by America.