PM Mitsotakis in Tripoli: ‘Absolutely determined not to repeat past mistakes with new CAP’

Despite the fact the total budget for the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the next six years was shrunk, Greece managed to retain the same funding as that of the previous period, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in Tripoli on Monday night, wrapping up his visit to Messinia region.

The PM focused on CAPs’ opportunities and challenges for Greece, during an address at the Apostolopoulio Cultural Center, and said that Greece would receive 19.3 billion euros in funding. This amount is the same it had received in the previous program, and would be boosted by Recovery Funds. A significant part of this, he stressed, “will be allocated to the primary sector, especially to infrastructural issues,” including supplementary funding from the new NSRF, a plan of which Greece has already submitted to the European Commission.

However, he warned, “the new CAP imposes a significant adaptation in the way we perceive agricultural production as a whole, through a series of directions that I personally consider are right which mean that we must start doing some things differently.”

Greece’s 40th anniversary this year of its membership in the EU required sincerity and self-criticism, Mitsotakis said, reviewing: “On one hand, we succeeded and definitely boosted our farmers’ income, but on the other hand we did not take advantage of significant opportunities to modernize our agricultural production and deal with present and future challenges.”

He said that he is “absolutely determined not to repeat the same mistakes with this new CAP,” and called on the agricultural sector to support the government’s ambitious plan for it.